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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Wardrobe Peek: Lace top & Jeans

These are a few of my favorite pieces from my wardrobe lately. The highwaisted Topshop jeans in Burgundy goes well with almost any top which makes it my go-to item. I can dress it up with some heels, or simply dress it down on a casual day out with a pair of canvas shoes & the jeans rolled up! This lace top also adds that bit of sophistication to the whole ensemble with the beautiful lace detail and the gold zippers at the back.


These are currently my picks from my wardrobe. What's your favorite pieces from your wardrobe lately?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Audi Star Creation Winners Capsule Collection Showcase

Attended the capsule collection showcase of last year's Audi Star Creation winners. The three designers Ko YoungJi (South Korea), Roderic Wong (China) and Soravit Kaewkamon (Thailand) were all rather impressive. However, my personal favorite was the collection, 'Beauty of Hornbill' by Soravit. I am sure that all the winners had an enriching and wonderful experience interning at FJ Benjamin after their win last year.

Soravit's collection " Beauty of Hornbill" had really clean and defined cuts. It was strong with a touch of femininity. The digital prints were really brilliant as well, giving the whole structured outfit a "pop". There are some pieces that I would really love to have in my wardrobe as well! Soravit herself was wearing an especially complimenting skirt that she had designed as well and I was swooning over it the whole time while interviewing her. I foresee her going far in the industry!

Ko YoungJi's capsule collection La Porte is inspired by the Parisian buildings, especially it's doors which reflects the period in which it was built. She thinks that this doors represents her as a young designer as well, opening doors to new opportunities and experiences. The collection was one of a variety of colors, not those that are too in-your-face bright colors but are colorful yet subtle at the same time. The fabrics like knits and polyester used for the collection adds depth and movement to the outfits.

Roderic Wong's new capsule collection once again presents to us his re-teturized fabrics by manipulating the materials. Despite the fact that he had came up with the collection in Singapore, he very much still draws inspiration and comes up with designs that are closer to his homeland China. The collection was one that was full of heavy material and more winter wearable which caters extremely well to people in his homeland. The looks were really strong and had good cuts. Needless to say, the materials brings about that added edge and power to the whole look.

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

May Favourites

May has passed us by in a flash and it was a rather eventful and amazing month for me! How was May for you? I've decided to share with all you lovely readers out there my favorite beauty and fashion products for the month of May! Hopefully you'll love these products as much as I do.

1. Topshop Red Lip Crayon     2. Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette   3. Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub
4. Organic Gloss Serum  5. TIGI Bed Head Superstar Spray

Charles & Keith Heels,  YSL Bag

First, it'll be the Topshop Lip Crayon in red. As you can see from the rather red tainted stick, I have used this color quite a lot recently. I love the color of this Lip Crayon and it is really pigmented, which I love. This shade of lip crayon really adds that pop to your whole look. I've been wearing it a lot for events and shows as it really helps to brighten up the whole ensemble and adds that little bit of color to my black outfits. However, the down side of it is that the color gets really messy and stains the case and it is rather hard to get it off as well.
Must I say anymore how awesome the naked basics palette is? I really like the matte colors as it is very versatile and is perfect for the day look which is very appropriate for office wear. I used the palette as an eyeshadow, eyeliner as well as highlighter. So, it is certainly worth the money and it is really easy to use. It is a must-have in my daily makeup routine for work this month! For those of you out there who are looking to buy an eyeshadow palette, you should really check this out!

The Soap&Glory sugar crush body scrub smells super delicious! It really exfoliates your skin and I can certainly feel my skin getting smoother after every scrub. It really makes showering that much more enjoyable as it really leaves your skin feeling smooth and sweet-smelling! It is also super affordable and the quality is really good! I will certainly repurchase it and even try out the breakfast scrub as well. 

I have really dry and frizzy hair which really annoys me! Hence, I'm always on the lookout for hair products that will leave my hair smooth and less frizzy. This Organic Gloss Serum is my current favorite product. It really smoothens my hair and I notice that it is less frizzy than it actually is. Also, it only requires a small amount for each application hence it can last you for a rather long time! I notice that my hair became shinier as well! So, for those of you out there who are facing the same problem as me, give this product a try!

I have really fine hair and it tends to fall flat against my head which I really do not like. I always wanted to have voluptuous hair. This TIGI Bed Head thickening spray really does the job! Spray it at the crown of your head and blow-dry it. Viola! Your hair instantly gains volume. However, it does not really have a long lasting power, so in order to keep it up, it'll be good to add some finishing touches of a hairspray to keep it in place for the whole day!

This emerald green heels from Charles & Keith is one of my outfit staples this month. I love the straps on the heels and the color is really amazing! It is perfect for fashion shows as it is just about the right height and it really adds that hint of class to your outfit. Also, if you're like me who is always in neutrals, this pair of heels certainly add that little bit of color to the whole look.

This YSL Cabas Y bag is my current favorite bag of the month. Give me a black bag with gold details and I'm sold! This bag is just the right size for fitting my daily needs and it really compliments almost all of my outfits. (it's black, duh) So, it has been my go-to bag of late.

So, these are my picks of the month. What's yours?

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Larry Jewelry

As they say, jewelleries are a girl's best friends. I'm sure all of you girls out there will love to have a huge collection of exquisite and blinding jewelry. Well, I do too. Larry Jewelry, situated at prime locations in Singapore has one of the prettiest jewelry collections in Singapore. It uses only gem quality high grade precious stones for its jewelry creations. It is no wonder that every piece of their jewelry looks so well-crafted and delicate.
Given my limited budget of a student, I have never found myself particularly drawn to jewelleries as I recognize that it is definitely way beyond my budget. However, the bracelets by Larry Jewelry are certainly to die for and I desperately want to get my hands on it!
Larry Jewelry has gained for itself such a great reputation and it is highly sought after by celebrities. In the recent Singapore Star Awards 2013, several celebrities were spotted wearing several of Larry's jewelleries and boy, do they look stunning in it.

Bianca Bai wearing Larry Jewelry's Lazare Diamonds Collection's earrings, necklace and ring

Linda Chung wearing Larry Jewelry's Lazare Diamonds Collection's bracelet and ring

Dawn Yeoh wearing Larry Jewelry's Lazare Diamonds Collection's necklace, earrings and bracelets

Don't you want to get your hands on some of those shiny and sparking candies?  These jewelleries can add that instant touch of glamour and class to a simple LBD or a plain long gown. Just that little sparkle and it changes the mood and feel of the whole outfit!

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Life in Pictures through Instagram

1. Jolene's first drive to dinner  
2. Salted Caramel
3.Topshop Personal Shopper Event
4.Noel Caleb Fashion Show
5. Home-Made Eggs Benedict
6. Lunch with Olivia
7. Heading to Interview
8. Shopping!
9. Shot with buddy on Catalog Magazine Instagram
10. Audi Star Creation show
11. With Jasmine at Audi Star Creation
12. Audi Star Creation Winners capsule Showcase

Snippets of my life through this little thing called Instagram that I've been going on rather frequently lately. How does your life look like through Instagram?(: 

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Audi Star Creation

I caught the Audi Star Creation show on Monday and I have to say I am rather impressed with the collections these young designers put up. Despite the fact that I had expected more from them, overall it was still rather commendable. It was the showcase of the collection of the 12 finalist of the Audi Star Creation competition and they were shortlisted out of the 355 submissions. The finalists are from Singapore, Malaysia, China, Korea,Japan, Mongolia, Thailand & Vietnam. After a tough fight, the winners were Haziq Putra from Singapore, Vu Ta Linh from Vietnam and Sun Yi Jin from China.

Backstage before the show

& I unexpectedly met my friend Jasmine whose interning at the Audi Fashion Festival!(:

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